Finding the Right Voice for Your Blog Means Being Honest With Yourself

Everyone has an idea for a blog, or they think they can come up with one. However, not everyone has the consistency to keep the blog going, bring in a strong following and even make a profit from their words.

If you are planning to write a blog, the first step is to pick a topic. Once you have found something you truly enjoy and decided that you will write a blog about that, the way you write is the next step.

This is called the voice of the blog. It involves the tone used, the words and phrases and the general impression the reader gets. Your goal is to connect with the reader on a level that encourages them to come back to read future posts.

When choosing the voice, a key is to decide what type of approach you want to use when discussing the topic. Do you want to be a serious resource that can be trusted, complete with many reliable resources to back you up? Or, are you more the type that wants to share things with a sarcastic tone? You look forward to being able to critique all things [topic].

Either way, you have to decide your approach in order to come up with the base of the blog voice. From there, you can decide the various rules you want to set for your blog. You can decide on words you want to use and anything you don’t ever want to include. You can decide to use proper grammar or avoid it altogether.

Once you have gotten into the depths of writing, take a step back before you publish. Consider your voice during edits and see if it fits like you thought it would. Read it out loud to someone you trust, and see if they react as you expect them to react. Edit and adjust as necessary.

Ultimately, the voice of the blog is what makes or breaks your efforts. You can have all accurate information, but if you don’t have a personable way of sharing it with the reader, chances are they won’t return. Keep in mind that blogs are meant to be written conversationally. This is important when you are evaluating your results by following your reader stats.

One final tip – not related to voice – is photo use. It is important to break up text with images. Don’t overload the page, as that will mean a slower load time and will lose readers for you. However, skipping images completely means you are creating a solid page of text. This will definitely not work in the long term. Readers will shy away from anywhere that their eyes get tired just trying to understand the important points of a post.

Give it your best shot. Not everyone is meant to write a blog, but if you are the elements will fall together for you and you’ll find success in this fun and friendly writing endeavor.